• Salvini

    This is one of Italy and the world’s most famous and representative jewellery brands. Whether classic gem or new interpretation, Salvini gioielli’s creations have always provided precious emotions.


    Eberhard & Co. watches, the exclusive wrist watches, the scions of a tradition going back 125 years. Innovation, technology and design are renewed in each new model of the brand.

  • Chimento

    The CHIMENTO family upholds the history, culture and tradition of quality Italian jewellery, reinforcing over the generations its key role in the world of Italian jewels.


    Frédérique Constant watches stand for design, quality and innovation, models of elegance and high quality. The brand’s philosophy is “accessible luxury”.

  • Bicego

    Owing to a simple and innovative vision, Marco Bicego jewellery is worn daily and spontaneously just like a garment or an accessory. It is chosen instinctively, for the pleasure of wearing it and considering it one’s own.

  • Polello

    Polello has always been a leading creator of wedding rings and today we are renewing our vows by creating exclusive jewellery models in gold, platinum and diamonds. Each Polello creation narrates a never-ending love story that since 1976 has been a quest to give every woman the joy she desires.

Portanuova Gioielli is a modern boutique in the heart of Bergamo. A place that tells the story of decades of selling jewellery.

Portanuova Gioielli started up as a small goldsmith’s workshop in 1927 and has now become a focus point that is renowned for its careful selection of products and a wide range of exclusive choices encompassing jewellery and watches. Portanuova Gioielli has always been a family business ensuring that all the customer’s needs are attended to with the professionalism and reliability that they deserve.